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About us ...

Errata … rhymes with tomarta ... but that is where the similarity ends.

For we are not a conglomeration of grocers. Nor are we a battalion of broccoli merchants. We ... are a choir. A queer choir. A 'Qwyr' ... if you will.


Ssssh now and listen.

Started by Bler Kelly in 2018 Errata is a pick-n-mix of misfits and idiots. We sing songs that other choirs ignore and whilst there is a clear alternative, queer and delicious theme to everything we do, the intention is to be inclusive, supportive and welcoming of everyone and everything that we can. 

Bler is a director, performer and lecturer in performing arts and a trained singing teacher/vocal coach. He can take a screaming dolphin and turn it into Mariah (in terms of singing, not dancing, she's never going to be as good as a dolphin at that).

We are self-run, self-funded and represent a wide cross section of London society. This is something we are very proud of. We have people new to singing, people who are practiced in particular styles (pop, folk, traditional) and people who are picking up skills and confidence as they go along. 

We welcome every sexuality, gender, sex, colour, religion and even people who listen to Coldplay. We welcome LGBTQIA+ allies and believe in inclusion, accessibility and belting sassy riffs as a panacea for all physical, psychological and social malaise. It is a primary concern for Errata to create a safe space for all people and all we ask of our members is that they observe our code of conduct, pay their fees on time and practice between rehearsals. 

Come into the warm, slightly-unboundaried embrace of Errata.


We will open you up. To singing. (Obv).

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